A complete production plan for metal cutting tools, always up to date and characterized by high customization levels, able to offer advanced solutions in all kinds of machining with swarf removal, from drilling to reaming, and threading to milling.

Twist drills, taps, Dies, Milling cutters and Reamers


Reliable, high performance, custom design

Specifically designed to meet any production need: competitive price-quality ratios, high performance custom tools for you.

Nui Utensili Europa takes pride in its longstanding experience in the design, production and sales of high performance metal cutting tools that can also be customized to suit the client’s needs. The range excels in constructive extensiveness and quality, ranging from twist drills of various types (including extra-long drills, also with coolant holes, which are Nui's speciality, to the various types of reamers and deburring, countersinking, counterboring tools and other specific tools. The quality of the offer is completed with various tools to thread and the various types of end mills (among which are those in micrograin carbide). In addition, there is also the range of special made-to-order tools, aimed at the construction of tools for particular uses.

Twist drills

This tool category is the most consolidated sector of Nui Utensili Europa’s productive tradition and experience and therefore has the widest collection of all types of drills, with a vast number of product families and individual sizes that match different specifications relating to lengths of the drills, types of point forms and various application fields, including materials and the coating of these types of tools. It is particularly in this category that we find the tools that have made the NUI brand a benchmark for the tooling industry.

Hard metal twist drills

A development from HSS for the most technologically advanced and high-performing machining works. In this section too, a wide range of sizes is available, including deep-drilling lengths, and tools that can be used with remarkable cutting parameters (speed and feed) if compared with those produced with traditional materials.

Machine taps

As regards the various thread types, the wide range of machine taps offers numerous sizes, with varying diameters and pitches. Besides the line of tapping tools that can be considered basic or standard, the category also offers LineA taps, suitable for various materials and characterized by a colored ring, and high performance taps in the High Tec line.

Hand taps

A wide range of thread types and sizes, just like the machine taps and the dies, with a series of specific taps consisting of rougher (intermediate) and finisher.


The range of dies strictly follows that of machine and hand taps, in such a way that for every workable tapping size there is a corresponding die for the execution of external screw threads on metal bars.

Milling cutters

This extensive section includes milling tools both in cobalt high speed steel as well as in powder metal HSS. The numerous product families are distinguished according to the length of the mills, the specific processing need (for slotting, contouring, roughing...) and the coatings that allow greater performance on various types of material, as well as increasing the tool’s utility cycle.


A wide range of tools for machine reaming, hand reaming and shell reaming with arbors, even in decimal sizes. In the same section we offer other tools with similar functions such as core drills, countersinks and counterbores, for screw seatings too, and deburrers.


Solid carbide end mills for technological advanced and performing machining in a huge range of product families for specific processing need (for slotting, contouring, finishing, roughing...) on the various types of materials using remarking cutting parameters ( speed and feed rates ) to attain high-quality and high-precision performance.

Sales network

Nui Utensili Europa offers its Retailers and Distributors a vast catalogue of top-class professional and high performance tools that ensure the end users of a wide selection and technical support in their purchase and usage.



Besides efficiency and speed, Nui Utensili Europa offers expertise and production capacity, with a high level of customization, designing made-to-order tools specifically for our customers' particular needs.



You can request the catalogue with the complete range of Nui Utensili Europa cutting tools free of charge by filling in the specific form with your personal details.