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In addition to guaranteeing the high quality of their cutting tools and services, Nui Utensili takes excellent care of its customers, providing a network of agents who can make site visits.

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Nui Utensili Europa has always paid utmost attention to its own retailers/wholesalers and distributors, ensuring cutting edge technical solutions and swift and flawless services.

Besides counting on the value and highly detailed offer (as in the line for "long/extra-long twist drills with coolant holes") our Italian and international customers can also count on the reliability of a real partnership with a company that can provide valid support in technical applications, not only as a tool producer, but also as a “selector” of third-party products that possess the high quality requirements along with a correct price/performance ratio. Moreover, the particular logistics/organizational structure of our company ensure that retailers and distributors will always have the necessary quantities available to them, thereby optimizing their own stock management.


An array of industrial metal cutting tools guarantees quality, safety and high performance in drilling, threading/tapping, reaming and milling processes.



You may request the catalogue with the complete range of Nui Utensili Europa cutting tools free of charge by filling in the specific form with your personal details.



Contact us for firsthand information on the benefits you will acquire with our precision metal cutting tools. Our staff will provide you with the information you need.